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Dedicated to promoting public health through science and medicine, ARP Sciences LLC works to expand our knowledge through a strong technical staff, enhanced management approach, corporate experience, extensive reach back, networking experience, and unequivocal knowledge of our client’s daily operations. These elements combine to produce an ARP Sciences approach that literally exceeds client requirements while providing zero risk to critical on-going client mission requirements and integrity.

Medical Museum Support

From curating the museum’s collection to design and development of displays and marketing of the museum’s programs, ARP Sciences provides a complete service for the operations and management of medical museums. While the range of functions to be performed are the same as any other museum, a special understanding of medicine is essential to proper execution so protection of the collection is assured and maximum information sharing and learning opportunities are realized.

Laboratory Management Consulting

Laboratories are complex operations that must balance missions critical to our society that require efficient and extraordinary levels of quality work. ARP Sciences has successfully operated just such a laboratory for 20 years, meeting the need to identify 100% of fallen soldiers with remains still arriving from the Vietnam War, to the forensic evidence support for the military judicial system. ARP Sciences has developed entirely new science and operational techniques dramatically increasing speed and efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Do you operate a laboratory? Let us share our knowledge with you.

Laboratory Operations Support

Want to have your laboratory managed by us? With more than 20 years of experience managing the most advanced toxicology and DNA laboratories in the world, ARP Sciences has the expertise, procedures, processes, protocols, and logistics and administrative systems and infrastructure to manage your laboratory to the highest achievable standards. Our laboratories have remained fully accredited and operational at all times throughout our tenure; even through a complete relocation for which we designed the new laboratory facilities and oversaw construction. Today, we have more than 180 professionals providing the full spectrum of management, technical and quality assurance services, operating multiple high throughput laboratories.

Forensic Laboratory Operations Support

Laboratories involved with forensic investigations in support of the criminal justice system have very special requirements. In addition to the time sensitive nature of the work, there are the rules of conduct requirements for the handling of criminal evidence and the necessity to testify in court. ARP Sciences operates the toxicology and DNA forensics laboratories supporting the entire military criminal justice system. We have the expertise and operational capabilities to operate your laboratory to the highest performance standards remaining fully accredited at all times.


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